Pier Pressure Picturebook

In a quiet seaside town, a squabble of gulls live at the end of the pier. At the other end, sits Bill's fish and chip van. The smell of the chips wafting down the pier is too tempting for the hungry gulls. Whilst the squabble of gulls love stealing chips, there's one gull who thinks stealing is wrong...

The Frog and The Piano Picturebook

This is a story about a frog discovering an old piano that has been dumped in his pond. Not knowing what it is, he goes to investigate to find bubbles appear when he jumps on it. He soon draws crowds of creatures to watch his bubble displays. One day, the rubbish in the pond gets cleared by humans. In the morning, the frog arises to find the piano gone. He then goes on an adventure on land to find it. When he finally is reunited with the piano, he is shocked to find it makes a beautiful sounds instead of the bubbles as it is now it is out of the water.